thewinternights replied to your postThere used to be this website about 12 years ago that I would get on, and it was kind of a social network, but not exactly…it had groups and stuff. It’s name had planet in it, I think, but that’s all I can remember about any identifiers for it.

Was it associated with I remember a sub-site that had planets and shit all over it.

I don’t think so. It was a site for adults*, and was just for teens and pre-teens, right?

Side note – I’m surprised that still exists.  That site is old.  I think that they were around when I ran my online ‘zine in middle school. God, my head is going to implode if I keep thinking about the changes in the internet.

By site for adults, I just mean that they only wanted people over 18. I don’t mean porn.

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