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I know! I just went to it to see if it had the name of that other site. I think it had something like cosmo in the title. It’s insane to think of all the stuff that I was obsessed with. I wish I could remember some of the other ones.

There was a site that was associated with raspberries or something. They gave out makeup or something for ‘zines to give for prizes back then. I don’t remember exactly what the name was. Or maybe they were the one that promoted the zines.

I would say that I should have written down the names, but I’m pretty sure I probably have notebooks filled with website names in them somewhere. There’s probably some first drafts of letters that I used to make when I was considering turning some of my online projects into offline ones. At one point, I was going to make the magazine into an offline thing, but I found out quickly that it just wasn’t that easy to start a business as a teenager.

About the only sites that I can really remember the names of from my whole web history are: onelist (‘cause that was the old, fun way to get fanfic), egroups, Prodigy (my first web community home back in ‘92—best BSC fan group ever), AOL, the 17 boards on AOL (which existed before Seventeen had its own domain), the Urban Legends Water Cooler boards on AOL,,,, Altavista (when it was cutting edge) and Yahoo! (when it was cool—before Google existed),, nsynconline…


So many websites, so much time, so little of a social lfie…

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