I hate stuff like this. Because you don’t know. That’s so far in the future, there’s an infinite number of things that can go wrong. There’s an infinite number of variables that can be altered by literally every action you take. What, you think that when two people get a divorce, that they want to leave their kid sans one parent? You think that when someone’s mom or dad gets murdered, that they knew they’d get murdered? They knew all along and are indifferent to their child’s loss of a parent? 

If you have both parents, good. But you can’t go around saying your kid will because there’s too many things that can change at any given moment.

I wish my child had both parents, but her father didn’t want his mommy to find out that he was having sex before marriage. But, shit happens and my daughter is perfectly fine having one parent.

And having both parents isn’t necessarily what is best for some kids.  Yes, in general, having two parents is the best thing for a child.  Of course, that doesn’t take into account that sometimes a parent isn’t a good person for a child to be around.  The parent could be abusive.  The parent could be a meth head.  The parent could be some other type of criminal.  

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