Birmingham, AL (WIAT) – U.S. District Judge Sharon Blackburn has issued a 115 page opinion breaking down the legality of Alabama’s newest Immigration law. The ruling enjoins the state from enacting several sections of HB56 (11(a), 13, 16, and 17). As this is a breaking story… check back with CBS 42 for updates and analysis of the ruling. For now you can read the case, the opinion, and the original Bill through the links provided.

Immigration Ruling Released – CBS 42 Birmingham, AL News Weather Sports


Even though I wish that the whole bill would have been struck, I am glad that at least parts of it were enjoined.  That’s pretty significant for a bill that is based upon racism that was passed in a state with a continuing issue (and history of) racism.  And I think it is pretty damn cool that those parts of it got enjoined in a town (Birmingham, AL) that has its own special history with bigotry.

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