Be Sure To Visit Me in the Pokey

My court date is finally upon us. In about 6 hours, I will have to be in court. Of course, my “trial” won’t be until after they go through all of the other municipal court business. I never did get a lawyer or any legal help of of any type, so I could be screwed. I kinda felt that it wouldn’t do any good. I could be wrong, and if I am, then I guess I’m even more screwed than I should be.

I don’t want to be pessimistic about what will happen, but let’s face it, there’s just one way this will all end up. I’ll be guilty, even if I’m not. The municipal court is set up to make money for the city, so it won’t matter that my yard has been mowed multiple times since the letter that said I was in violation. It won’t matter that there are pictures to prove this. In fact, any pictures that I show will probably be challenged by the city because the employees of the city must be more honest than a citizen who repeatedly violates the grass ordinance.

So, I guess the only hope that I can have is for the fine (plus court costs) not to be too hefty and to not get a jail sentence, which I could technically get. Ugh. I hate this whole situation.

I have a feeling that I am probably the most pessimistic member of my family when it comes to this case, but I don’t see any reason to be really optimistic about it. The way that the last few appearances have gone down has proven to me that my fate has already been set in stone. So, I guess I just have to take my lumps.

On the off chance that I do actually get jailed, I thought I’d mention that Molly has to go in on Thursday for surgery to remove the tumor on her hip. I hope that she’ll be okay. I’m probably more worried about her than I am about myself, which is good. As long as I can focus my anxiety and tears on her, then I won’t feel so self-centered or entrenched in this whole situation. Send some positive thoughts her way, please.

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