Yet another update I found on Facebook

Jim: At the October 1 funeral of Arch West, his family plans to honor the former Frito-Lay marketing executive by sprinkling Doritos on his grave prior to the first scoop of dirt. How else would you celebrate the snack-food visionary who championed the Doritos cause until it hit the shelves in 1967?
Carl: A little bit of salsa wouldn’t hurt!
Lili: Will the archbishop of Bradenton be performing the service?
Jim: Amen to the Salsa, Carl. Alas, Lili, I’ve not been invited to perform or attend the service. There’s a bad “choked up” line somewhere.
Alex: he should have asked to be buried on a Cool Ranch
Jim: Good one, Alex. The funeral will be at 3:50 for 20 minutes or until golden brown.
My dad: Can I have some Guacamole on the side?

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