I’m Not Doing That Again

First, I guess I should update the suspicion of a UTI situation that I mentioned the other day. According to the family doctor, she’s pretty sure that I don’t have a urinary tract infection. She did an abdominal exam on me, and found out that I had pain all along the right side of my abdomen, as well as above my hip bones and at my belly button area. (I managed to make enough noise to get her attention, which has always been my problem when doctors have been examining me.) She told me that she thought that I was having the UTI symptoms because of a combination of gynecological issues and my chronic diarrhea issue. She ordered an ultrasound and a urine culture. (I don’t get why she’s ordering the urine culture if the in-office test came back negative.) Oh, and, like always, the nurse had trouble getting my blood pressure. Instead of trying 3 times and deciding to do it manually, she tried it six times and gave up when the machine couldn’t get it any of the times.

Anyway, I did the ultrasound yesterday. I still haven’t done the urine culture. I was going to do it after the ultrasound, but I felt really bad. (I had had too much water plus I had had some [bad] cranberry juice [because the juice normally helps as a diuretic], which made me feel like utter crap.) So, instead of doing that test, my dad and I came home. I had a headache and was nauseated the rest of the day. The headache kept getting worse and, eventually, spread in to my neck.

So, at about 3:30 in the morning, I decided that I was going to try to go to sleep. Usually, I can sleep better if I can find the iPod and listen to some music that relaxes me. I couldn’t find it, and the pain was worsening, so I decided to take my pain medicines and muscle relaxers. I got 4 Flexeril, 4 Zanaflex, 2 Tramadol, and 1 extra-strength Tylenol. (The Flexeril, Zanaflex, and Tramadol doses were the maximum of each that I can take at one time. I added the Tylenol in because it sometimes helps the others boost the pain control.) Maxing out the doses was not a smart idea, though.

Sometime later in the night, I needed something from the kitchen. My mom offered to get me some water and whatever else it was that I needed. I told her that I could do it on my own. That was not a smart idea, though. I think she knew that I was too out of it to do anything, especially when I asked her if she had something on her face and arms. (It looked like she had lots of blue and some yellow & orange lines on her face.) When I realized it was just hallucinations, I was fairly amused. Anyway, I proceeded to go into the kitchen, where I managed to have my legs feel like Jello. That was the last thing that I really remember before I realized that I was on my back on the floor. I considered just staying in the floor the rest of the night, but I wasn’t exactly sure that would be a good idea, especially since I knew that I would be out until sometime this afternoon. I figured out how to get back up. I got my water and I think I got something salty. I came back in the living room, where I may have had my blood pressure checked or not. I think I did and that it was 90-something over 60-something, but I’m not sure because I was just completely gone mentally at that point. I wasn’t even sure that I had actually fallen or fainted until after I woke up and asked my mom an hour or so ago. She told me not to take so much medicine again, and I think that sounds like a fairly sound idea.

The only good that came out of last night is that my headache went away for a while. Oh, and I slept about 8 and a half hours, which is pretty good. (It’s less than what I normally sleep when I take half of the Zanaflex and Flexeril doses, which is odd.)

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