The moment when my heart died a little.

This moment killed me.

He’s just transferred from the safety of Dalton to be with Kurt, to face his fears and be part of a team. He’s excited and just over-all happy to be there.

Then he’s basically bullied by a fellow member of Glee Club within seconds of his official arrival. The one place where Kurt has always been safe from it, where he’s never had to worry about being accepted.

Especially by Finn. They probably spent tons of time together over the summer while Blaine was visiting Kurt. Playing video games, watching football, things like that. And then he comes out of nowhere and attacks Blaine the second he becomes a part of New Directions.

I can only imagine how Blaine’s heart must have dropped into the pit of his stomach when this happened.

He went to Dalton to escape bullying. He moved to McKinley to face his demons, his bullies, with the man he loved. And the first person to lash out at him isn’t a jock or one of the hockey/football players; it’s someone Blaine considered a friend. That’s what hurt the most.

lol hate funn since day 1.

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