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I get to go to the doctor tomorrow. I think I have a UTI, which probably embarrasses me more to mention than it would embarrass anyone else to read. (I have this whole shameful feeling issue when it comes to bodily functions.) I tried to ignore it for the first half of the week, but around the time my back and side started hurting, I decided that I needed to see a doctor. So, even though I ignored my need to go because of the continuing sinus/lung crap, I am not going to ignore this particular issue.

Since I really don’t have much else to mention, I guess I could share my new Google+ profile. When my old Google/Gmail account became disabled after the massive spam issue., I also lost my Google+ account. So, now I have a new one. Feel free to add me. If I don’t add you back soon, please let me know in the comments. Sometimes I have this very ditzy tendency that can manifest in scatterbrained behavior. It can range from simply seeming dumb to being completely clueless about various things.

Oh, last night, while writing that massively moody post, I realized that I must be going into my severe depressive season. Actually, I think I’ve probably been in it for a while now. I don’t know that I ever really stopped being depressed after I started going into the sad/tired/worthless moods last Fall. Around the time that I decided that I didn’t have any real friends, I guess I just started tuning out of my life in general. I’ve ignored a lot that people have been saying about their private lives. I’ve not been as talkative on Twitter or Facebook. When I am talkative on any site, I seem to be picking more fights, which is something I do when I start feeling more depressed. (I also do it when I’m in a mixed episode.) I guess it just became easier to not function at all in the world. And I don’t know if I’ll be able to start functioning anytime soon, but I want to and that’s gotta count for something, right?

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