why would you want a college to lose there accreditation?

why would you want a college to lose there accreditation? All the kids at the school would lose the status in the work place.

(I think you meant to use “their” instead of “there” in that question.)

I want the school to lose accreditation because I’m still pissed about what happened when I was kicked out of the social work program.  You see, when a person is completely honest with a school about their mental illness when they join the program (3 years before being kicked out), then it is very frustrating for the school to turn around and use it against them.  It is also frustrating when a person gets told that they shouldn’t have a job around other people.  It is even more frustrating (or perhaps, infuriating) that this program decided to send 2 professors to a psychiatrist appointment with me, so they could hear me tell the doctor what exactly was going on in my head, and with 2 classes to go, they told me that I couldn’t graduate.  I got to go to what was supposed to be my graduation, see my friends graduate, and look in the program and see my name + a Magna Cum Laude designation.  Do you know what all of that does to a person?  

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