Post-Emmy feelings?

  • I feel bad that Glee didn’t get any awards last night.  What was with the freakish showing of love for Modern Family?  I was definitely not expecting it. 
  • I literally was squealing when Kate Winslet won.  I always do this.  I don’t know why.  I always scare the puppies when I do this, and sometimes the other humans that live in the house with me.
  • Though the Emmy-tones were very talented, they were also quite annoying.
  • What was with Gwyneth Paltrow’s dress?  Was that even a dress?  Or was it two pieces?
  • I loved the Lead Actress in a Comedy/Miss America thing.  I think that everyone was prepared to do that, except for Edie and Laura.  I guess because they’re used to being very, very serious.
  • I loved the first two dresses that Jane Lynch wore.  The last one was not my cup of tea, though.
  • And can I say nicely done to, who managed to change Julianna Margulies’ Wikipedia page so that it said the funniest woman in television. (She made this comment last night, and I told my dad that someone had to be changing the page right about that moment.)

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