All My Life, I’ve Been Good, But Now…

My appointment with Debbie, the therapist, was supposed to be today. I say “was” since it obviously didn’t happen. I got there and after almost freaking out when I was mistakenly told I had a $50 copay, I found out that my appointment had been cancelled because my therapist had emergency surgery on her foot or her feet. Apparently, they had called me about this. I don’t think they did. In fact, I’m fairly certain that they didn’t. Not only because the Caller ID only has the calls from the Mental Health Center that were made to my dad, but also because they still had the appointment scheduled in their own computers. (According to one of the secretaries, they had only gotten through some of the appointments that the therapist had had on Monday. I guess they were too busy to do the rest of the week.)

When I went outside, I was thinking how great the weather felt. A cold front went through last night, so it was cooler than it had been since the temperatures went up after Lee was over. I was being a little careless and stepped in a pile of bright red dirt. Normally, I would have paid attention and not stepped in anything that could possibly be an ant bed. Today, like I said, I was careless. I stepped in a fire ant bed, and within a few seconds began to receive the horribly painful bites all over my feet. I had to take my shoes off in the parking lot to keep them from continuing to bite me. I also had to try to kill every single ant that was on me, to make sure that I didn’t get multiple bites from the darn things. So my feet are burning and hurting like crazy right now.

I’m also having some aching feelings in my chest and kind of a numb feeling in my mouth. I think it is just anxiety. I’m hoping it is, at least. It started after the bites, but I don’t think that it is caused by them. Probably just stress or something.

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