Pat Robertson is an Ass

Yes, most people know this already, except maybe the ones who follow him around like lemmings. He says despicable things quite often, but he has ventured into a whole new level of despicable behavior with his latest comments.


Yes, he suggested that people divorce their spouse if they have Alzheimer’s. This from a man who loves to remind the world that he believes himself to be the pinnacle of morality. A man who doesn’t believe in divorce is finally advocating, but it seems like he is suggesting it for the wrong thing. Even if he does see Alzheimer’s as the death of a spouse, it seems immoral to divorce your spouse purely because that spouse is slowly (or sometimes, quickly) losing their memories of your life together.

In marriage vows, people promise to be together until death and to stick by one another not just during the healthy parts of their life or marriage, but through the days filled with sickness. They vow to be there for better or worse. Alzheimer’s is one of the worst things that a person and their family can go through. It is one of the most vicious diseases because it takes away a person’s mind and turns them into nothing more than a shell of a person. It is a hard disease to live through and is not something that anyone should ever wish on another person. It is also a disease where a family should not fall apart, but should come together.

Leaving your spouse because he or she is suffering from a disease is one of the lowest things a human being can ever do to another human being. It is beyond cruel and beyond disgusting. Any person who acts like it is okay and spends time justifying it is in need of a serious reality check.

It wouldn’t have been cruel to suggest that the man get help with taking care of his wife or something along those lines, but to say that he should just leave her? How can anyone suggest that? How can he justify it? How can he sit there and pass judgment on feminists, the LGBT community, other religions, non-whites, and various other groups of people, but say that a man can leave his wife because she’s basically already dead?

I would have expected this man to suggest that the man dump his girlfriend, since he is cheating on his wife. That is the opinion that I would have expected him to have, but this level of utter cruelty is just worse than I could have imagined to have him suggest. I have always known that he was a spiteful little man, but to advocate this took him from his normal standard of being just pathetic and ignorant and made him a sadistic, bitter, fucked up old man.

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