The Harry Potter Fandom Can Do Anything.




We can make a puppet show.

We can make a musical.

We can make a second musical.

We can cross two Harry Potter related things and make it hysterical.

We can take a famous line from the movie and change it.

We can take pictures from the movie and make it look like a picture from another movie.

We can take things way too literally.

We can take a quote from a movie and prove it wrong.

We can take a whole movie quote and make it about Harry Potter.

We can take a commercial and make it about Harry Potter.

We can take a TV show and make it about Harry Potter.

We can take Disney and make it about Harry Potter.

We will forever take anything else that the actors are in and turn it into something Harry Potter.

We can make fun of something til there’s no tomorrow and still love everything about it.

We can turn Harry Potter into a religion.

We can turn mock the Dark Lord by making him sing pop songs.

Harry Potter will live on forever. The fandom will live on forever. Potterheads for life.

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