But the more important couple is Elder Price (Andrew Rannells), an uppity and ambitious model teen Mormon who hopes to be sent to Orlando for his upcoming mission trip, and Elder Cunningham (Josh Gad), who fills the role of the mook. During doorbell-ringing practice at the missionary training center, his first try at an opening line reveals his Mormonism to be askew: “Hello, would you like to change religions? I have a free book written by Jesus.” He says the wrong thing, he doesn’t know what to do with his hands, he can’t sit still, he likes Elder Price too much, he’s a pathological liar, and he’s never read the Book of Mormon.

Kristin Dombek

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Is it weird that I think I know guys from the Church almost exactly like the description of Elder Cunningham?  (And probably more that fit the role of Elder Price?)  

But seriously the opening line from Cunningham sounds almost like a line I got at my baptism where I was asked to provide names of other non-LDS folks who might want to take the lessons.

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