I was 12 and I remember being in my Geography lesson. My teacher kept rushing in and out of the classroom but none of us knew what was happening.
I was 14 and I was at school, didn’t knew anything until I came…
i was 6. i saw on the news that a building was falling down. i over heard a couple of teachers in my classroom talking about it. i heard the word terrorists. i knew that we were attacked immediatly. i understood more then my teachers thought i did. they tried explaining it to the kids in a nice way, i raised my hand and said “we were attacked by people who don’t like us. i only understood because my mom is in the military and is very… how should i put it… paranoid? she told me once that there were bad people who might try to hurt where we live and to watch the people around me carefully. so i understood a bit more then others in our class.
I was 17.  I was in my first semester of college.  I was actually at school when the planes were hijacked and when they went into the buildings.  As I walked out of the building where my Western Civilization class was held, I remember hearing some girls talking about some kind of plane crash.  I told my mom when I got in the car that I’d heard something about a plane crash.  When we turned on the radio, we heard.  I think I had a panic attack from right then until about 12 hours later.  I was just having episodes of panic/anxiety, depressive, and crying fits all day.  My mom took me to work with her (she was working part-time as an after school worker) because she was afraid of leaving me alone and I was afraid of being alone.  I was scared.  Scared of the world.  Scared of people.  Scared of myself.

The Blugger blorg.: How old were you ten years ago? Do you remember where you were this time ten years ago when all the tragedies happened?

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