Q: What was it like to work with Alexander Skarsgard?

Kirsten Dunst: I love him! He’s so sweet and funny, a really good actor – goofy, very goofy! He’s like this really handsome man. It was funny because there’s this one scene where we’re kind of getting undressed and Alexander was taking his shirt off and I was like, “Oh, no, stop, stop. You’re too good looking! You can’t be that good-looking – it’s too distracting for this movie!” In True Blood he’s always got his shirt off, so I think it’s great to see him like this in this role, too.

Thanks Kiki, that was super enlightening.

Bahah, so basically, she could have just said “I HAD SO MANY SKARSGASMS. SO MANY.”

So based on how articulate Kiki was in her quote, apparently ASkars not only causes ovaries to explode, but brain cells as well.

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