From NASCAR Drivers to William Faulkner: A Brief History of Snubbing the President


Four out of twelve NASCAR drivers who were invited to meet President Obama at the White House this evening won’t be attending, citing scheduling conflicts.

William Faulkner once refused a dinner invitation from JFK’s White House. “Why that’s a hundred miles away,” he said. “That’s a long way to go just to eat.”

Read about more snubs here.

It was actually 5 drivers.  I’m not surprised Kevin Harvick and Tony Stewart turned it down.  They’re always trying to be badass.  (Actually, so do Kurt Busch and Edwards.)  I’m more surprised that Greg Biffle turned it down, since he usually seems so polite, and that Kyle Busch is going, since he usually seems like an arrogant little prick.

I’m not too surprised about how responses to the story, on various sites, contain comments about mullets, conservatives, rednecks, good ol’ boys, etc.  I get it, but not every person who likes racing or who races is a major conservative.  I like racing, and I’m not a redneck or conservative.

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