World-Renowned Chef Karl Wilder Tries Living on Food Stamps – story here



Still think people on food stamps have it too good? Chef Karl Wilder is trying to feed his family on the budget equivalent of what they would receive on food stamps. He’s been documenting his meals on his blog as part of an awareness campaign for the San Francisco Food Bank.He just finished his two months on a food stamp budget, and he says, “I admit to being bored by it. I am sick of many of the foods that work in this budget. I am ready for it to be over.” He went to the doctor and found that although he’d lost weight, his body fat percentage went up, and his blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels were all higher.Still think poor people have it made on food stamps?

wow. finally someone is doing this. I remember Top Chef would challenge the contestants to make healthy lunch options for school children but they were restricted to the budgets that the public school had to use…but im sure that changed nothing. where public schools get their food from is apparently really political…

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