So, this picture of a woman with a black eye sitting on a couch in front of a man holding a diamond necklace is an ad for a hair salon. And the owner of the salon is doing the usual “Why must people be so sensitive?” in response to critiques & of course in the comments to the news article about it there’s the usual abuser apologists blathering away. And all I can do is wonder when how reached a point where people can put edgy & abuse in a sentence together and think that makes sense for an ad campaign.

This ad actually makes me sick to my stomach.

WTF is wrong with people that this would even cross their minds as possibly okay?! 🙁

Okay, this is passing into a whole new state of being absolutely disturbing.  I mean, what the actual fuck?  How did anyone think this ad would be okay?  I refuse to believe that anyone who possesses even an ounce of humanity would be okay with the ad.

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