[What is your favorite part of the show]

Kevin“I do PYT after Amber does ‘Ain’t No Way’ and I always sneak around the band riser because every show it gets better and better, she never misses a note and it like gets me so hyped to go on after that it definitely one of my favorite parts of the show.” [x]

Heather“Every time I hear Amber sing ANW I’m in tears.” [x]

-“Amber was probably one of my favorites to watch.” [x]

Mark“It’s such a great time in the show, it was like a quarter of the way through and I would be doing pull ups in the back watching her on the screen”[x]

Darren“I would go out every night to watch Amber sing “Ain’t No Way.” [x]

-“I went out every night. I didn’t miss a single Amber Riley performance of ‘Ain’t No Way’ I cried every time. [x]

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