Want to help?

Okay, I’m not sure if anyone would be interested, but I’m thinking about adding posting access at Like So Totally Me for folks to add images to 4 of the resource galleries.  

The images would need to be unedited, so no graphics.  They could be of celebrity appearances, candids, photoshoots, press conferences, scans, stills, onset photos, etc.  Some screen captures would be allowed, i.e. in the case of interviews or YouTube videos that the person might have participated in.  The four galleries that would be involved would be for Female Celebrities, Male Celebrities, TV Shows, and Movies.  (The television show and movie galleries are not the same galleries that I post screen captures of movies and shows to.)  

First, you will need to register on each site that you want to upload pictures on.  Then, you need to inform me (ask or submit) of your username(s) on the site(s) and what celebrities/television shows/movies you might be interested in posting images of.  Then, I will approve your account and you can start adding images to the galleries.

I have some rules.  Absolutely no illegal images under any circumstances.  If you got an image from a particular site, then you will need to source that image.  (To make a link work, you will need to put the URL between [url] and [/url].)  If you know the day an image comes from and/or the location where it was taken, then please include that if you can.  If you want people to give you credit for an image that belongs to you, then you can put that in the same place you would put the source information.  If you don’t want your image on another site, then be sure to mark it as exclusive.

The celebrities, television shows, movies, etc. that you are interested in do not have to already be featured on the site.  If you want to post images for someone or something that has no coverage on there, then that would be great. 

These galleries will not just be for me or just for the people who will post on the site.  The galleries will exist so that people throughout many fandoms can access images to make graphics for their fandom.

I hope some of you are interested.  If you know someone who might be interested, then feel free to suggest to them that they sign up.

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know.

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