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24: You receive $60 without any reason, what do you spend it on?
Probably music.  That tends to be where I spend any extra money. Not really a productive use for the money, I know, but it is what I would probably do. 

26: Is there anyone you’re really disappointed in?
There’s always someone that I’m disappointed in.  I’m disappointed in people who refuse to learn from their mistakes or from the mistakes made by people in history or in their families.  Mainly, I’m disappointed in the amount of truly selfish behavior that seems to go on in the world.  So many people have a “I’m more important than everyone else” attitude and then they don’t understand why the world can suck pretty badly sometimes.

37: Did you have a dream last night? *
I didn’t sleep last night, but I did sleep most of yesterday morning/afternoon and most of Friday.  I think I had several dreams.  Usually they involve some television show that I’m watching (Glee, True Blood) or something really weird or creepy.  I don’t remember what the dream I had last was, though.

*Since 24 was already done, victorianhooker told me I could answer 37 instead.

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