Colin Firth or Hugh Grant (I'm sorry, I have BJD on the brain). Johnny Depp or that Darren kid from Glee (sorry again, I don't watch it xD). Prince Charles or Camilla. Sorry, that's more than two.

Okay, wow.  That is more than two.  🙂  Let’s see

  1. Colin Firth vs Hugh Grant?  Hugh Grant, though if it were between their characters in the movie, I would probably go with Colin Firth’s character.
  2. Johnny Depp vs Darren Criss?  Darren.  
  3. Prince Charles or Camilla?  Can I say neither, please?  Or can I trade one of the other celebrities for either of them?  I guess, maybe Prince Charles.  I guess he is the least icky of the two of them, but not by much.

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