Dear Old Navy, You Suck!

I am sure that Old Navy didn’t understand that their Superfan Nation commercial would be received with such disdain from so many people, but it did.  That’s the problem when a company that doesn’t understand the personal nature of a particular rivalry chooses to highlight said rivalry in a commercial.  Old Navy made a commercial that featured a garage that had been transformed into a tacky haven for Crimson Tide (aka [the University of] Alabama) fans.  The room was filled with fans of that team.  When an Auburn fan who appears to be wearing pajamas shows up, on a four-wheel drive (‘cause they have to illustrate some type of hick behavior if they’re featuring southern schools), he is only allowed in because he has pizza.

Yeah, ‘cause that is a good way to endear one’s company to a major group of fans.  I have explained the Auburn-Alabama rivalry in the past, but, for those who do not remember, this kind of commercial would be like airing a pro-Ohio State commercial in the state of Michigan or a pro-Michigan commercial in Ohio.  It would be like a New Yorker expressing their undying love for the Red Sox, while at Yankee Stadium.   Though there are times when Auburn and Alabama come together and treat each other with respect, i.e. when Alabama fans raised money for the trees at Toomer’s Corner (after they were poisoned by an Alabama “superfan”) and when the Auburn fans raised money, donated clothing/supplies, and helped in other ways after the April 27th tornadoes affected Tuscaloosa so severely, it is generally agreed upon that sports are an area where the fans are allowed to continue to treat one another with varying amounts of hatred and loathing.

So airing a commercial nationally that highlights Alabama in a positive light, while making Auburn fans out to only be good enough to bring pizza to a game is basically pissing off a lot of people who adored Old Navy prior to the commercial being unveiled.  Examples of the hatred of this commercial include:

The Auburn version better make them look like a bunch of Updykes or I’m going to have to find a new cute cheap clothing store. I can hold a grudge. – SRM

The problem is that historically, it has always been that Bammers bring us OUR pizzas. To our front doors. I don’t see that changing any time soon. – More.Sawdust

What self-respecting Auburn person would be caught dead in a hell hole like that garage?! Wow, that place was horrid. – Will

Bama fans owning a house? Good one, Old Navy. – tptoomers

That can’t be right. Why is there no meth lab in that garage? Come to think of it, why wasn’t this shot with a double wide in the background? – Chris

Yeah, I think that Old Navy has screwed up in a major way.  Reportedly, they will be airing a more pro-Auburn commercial soon.  It is supposed to shown at Jordan-Hare Stadium before games.  I hope that it also makes it to television or that Old Navy figures out another way to get themselves back into the good graces of Auburn fans.  I also hope that Old Navy figures out how to not piss off any other major rivalries in the country, or else they may have just completely fucked themselves up.

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