PETA Confirms Porn Site Plans


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has confirmed, to HuffPo, that the animal advocacy organization will launch a porn site at peta.XXX. PETA historically has not hesitated to bare flesh in service to their cause. But setting up a website that qualifies for the .XXX domain takes things to a whole new level.

Many companies are poised to snatch up .XXX sites when sales start on 7 September. But most of these are doing so only to protect their names from abuse in the new domain. A PETA spokesperson explains to HuffPo that the plan to actually use peta.XXX is based on a simple premise: it works. PETA tracks the effectiveness of their campaigns, and it appears their experience confirms the old adage “sex sells.”

But is it necessary to exploit the bodies of one species to spare those of another species? And will porn-browsers really stick around to benefit from gory and disturbing images of animal mistreatment? What do you think? Is “any means available” fair turf for PETA, or does peta.XXX go a step too far?


I am even more disappointed in PETA. Making porn isn’t going to make people want to turn vegan.

I don’t understand the logic in this at all….

How does porn=vegan?

Last time I checked porn = really horny.

I mean that’s how it works for me. Does anyone else watch porn so they can be reaffirmed in their vegan lifestyle? If I wanted that I’d go buy a vegan cookbook, or go to a protest or something.

Not watch porn. Especially the shit that PETA rolls out. I wouldn’t even watch that if I wanted to get off. Just sayin’.



I wonder how much body negativity they can shove into this.. heh heh, shove into it…. heh.

Sex doesn’t sell, a certain type of women’s bodies does. Get fucked PETA.


Oh, PETA, you may have been started to protect animals, but you’ve become an organization that shows how much you disrespect people.  You do the anti-obesity campaigns.  You fail to recognize that many people simply can’t be vegan.  And now you’re going to have a porn site & show graphic ways of animals being exploited while also exploiting people?  How does this help animals?  How does it help the world in any way?  How does it raise awareness?  You’re further ostracizing yourself, which means that you are going to drive people who might have wanted to help you away. 

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