It’s a little known fact, but you actually go to hell for voting Conservative.



I thought that was a well-known fact.

Lol, I love all these liberals that say things like this as if it’s not fighting fire with fire. So conservatives are these douchebags that exclude others and want what’s best for themselves and, I suppose, predominantly the rich alone, right? Or that’s how the fable goes.. and yet all of these militant liberals are so quick to rise up and demonize conservatives and use hateful sentiments towards them.. how is that at all productive? And how are you in any way then providing some type of alternative?

Conservatives are conservatives and liberals are liberal. Within the political spectrum, believe you me, there’s no one belief system better than another. So hop off it..

Okay, let’s see.  How are conservatives doing the wrong thing?

  1. Promoting discrimination over rights.  Whether the rights should belong to women, gays, Hispanics, workers, or any other disenfranchised group, conservatives consistently argue in favor of keeping things in a constant state of discrimination against that group instead of actually fixing it.
  2. Promoting one religion (Christianity) and whenever anything is discussed that goes against their personal version of Christianity, they claim that they are somehow being demonized or persecuted.
  3. Yes, refusing to pay the fair share of taxes is fairly evil.  When you look at the income of the people in this country who pay the majority of the revenue that the government receives and you look at the taxpayers who pay the least (percentage-wise) of their income, it shows a definite tendency to force the poor into paying for everything so that the rich can keep their vacation homes, yachts, and other crap.
  4. Willingness to hijack the American economy and, as a result, the world economy so that they don’t have to do their jobs (Congress was forced to pass the debt ceiling), can continue to blame economic issues on Obama, etc.
  5. Anytime issues related to things like immigration come up, it is only conservatives that I hear repeating the words of extremist/hate groups about the immigrants.  I don’t hear any liberals going around repeating words coming from neo-Nazi organizations.
  6. Making new laws that throw women in jail if they can’t prove that they miscarried naturally, instead of via some kind of medication or abortive technique.
  7. Refusal to support health care reforms that would benefit the populace over the corporation.
  8. Refusal to support anything that would benefit people over profits.
  9. Labeling people on welfare as lazy, drug-using, ignorant, stupid, or any other fun term.
  10. Using terms like communism and socialism in incorrect context, which leads people to believe that anyone who supports those ideals is somehow a treasonous leech.
  11. Promotion of abstinence-only education, even though the Palin family is proof that that kind of education doesn’t work.
  12. Promotion of teaching anything other than science in science classes.
  13. Reforms to education that cause teachers to be laid off and the quality of education provided to students to suffer.
  14. Damaging the environment so that there can be “cheaper” oil, energy, chemicals, or any other industrial item.
  15. Lying about the existence of global warming and about its impact on the entire world.
  16. Using lines like “she was raped for a reason” in political debates.

Do I need to continue?  Oh, and since I’ve listed my reasons for why conservatives are bad/evil/demonic, how about you list your reasons why you label people who think like me as being militant?

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