WHNT asked who folks would vote for if the Presidential Election was held today. Do you know who people said that they would vote for?

President Barack Obama (272 responses) 31%

Michele Bachmann (82 responses) 9%

Rick Perry (186 responses) 22%

Newt Gingrich (11 responses) 1%

Mitt Romney (132 responses) 15%

Sarah Palin (69 responses) 8%

Ron Paul (26 responses) 3%

None of the Above (87 responses) 10%

This amazes me.  Though if you add it up, the anti-Obama crowd has a majority, Obama having the lead in this particular poll is still amazing.  I have seen so many completely ignorant, racist, anti-“everything that could help America be a better country and could help the world be a better/safer/healthier place”  rednecks on Facebook that Obama having the lead in this poll is something that just makes me almost resort to fangirl behavior.  There are actually some people in this area who aren’t just going to blame it on the black dude.  That is good great fucking awesome to know.

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