The Poor Basset Baby

If you are easily sickened, then you might not want to read this entry. There is reference to bodily fluids, animals, aggressive behaviors by dogs, and some fairly icky stuff.

Last night, Molly, the first Basset Hound of the family, began to whine and complain more often than she normally does. (Molly whines and complains regularly. She also barks to get us to give attention or go lay down in my dad’s bed with her.) This whine sounded painful, so I was thinking she might need to go to the vet if she kept it up. This morning, I checked a spot on her that we keep an eye on and it looked really bad. Some of it looked potentially necrotic or maybe gangrenous, and it just looked a lot worse than normal. (This is a spot that looks like a tumor and has had an infection in it off and on for over a year. She has been treated for it several times, but she’s like me with the trouble getting over infections.) My dad and I were going to clean it this morning, like we do every morning (my dad also cleans it at other times and puts Neosporin on it) and while I was looking at Alice and Gretchen, my father touched it. He touched it enough to make her yelp and, apparently, enough to cause the bit of icky tissue to come off and blood & pus to spread all over my father’s bed, Molly, my dad, and even some on me. The yelping triggered Gretchen to go into a bit of a red zone kind of area and she went after Alice. (Gretchen has always responded to Molly like Molly is her mother and Molly has always acted like Gretchen is her puppy.) So, I didn’t see the “explosion” of blood & pus, since I was trying to break up a dog fight. I did see the aftermath, and it was very gross.

I went into the living room to talk about the massive blood/pus “explosion” and ask for her opinion. I knew that I thought Molly needed to be checked out by the vet, but I was a bit hesitant to bring it up with my dad. My mom also thought it was a good idea. My dad, who is often hesitant about going to the vet’s office (because it is very expensive and usually we end up having to do non-prescription care for the fur babies issues), was actually wanting to take her to the vet after this morning’s blood and pus related problems before I suggested it to him. He was especially concerned since Molly is his baby and he was having trouble controlling the blood/pus draining out. He couldn’t get enough pressure to get it to stop for long, and any time that he did, Molly would start licking and it would begin pouring out again.

So, before the dogs were able to go out for their morning constitutional (walk) and have breakfast, my dad and I took her to the vet. I was worried that the vet would be judgmental about how bad her hip had gotten since the last visit, but he wasn’t. He said we were treating it with stuff that would normally work (peroxide, Neosporin, cleaning it), but that she needed an oral antibiotic. He also drained it some more, which was easier for him to do since Molly was in a muzzle. (She has to wear a muzzle because anytime she sees a vet or anyone in scrubs, she bites them. She was not well-treated by a vet prior to our adopting her, so she’s got issues with doctors and techs.) He said she should be okay.

He also told us that after the infection gets cleared up, which I hope that it does get cleared up this time, that we will need to talk about getting rid of the tumor. He felt that it had something to do with the tumor. I’ve heard of animals getting abscesses with tumors, but usually they’re cancerous, I think. Her tumors have always been benign/fatty tumors and the vets were willing to only really take them off after they have formed some kind of abscess. That means that they go from being non-painful to being horribly painful and to making her suffer. Honestly, I don’t get why they have a wait on it policy.

So, now I’m hoping that she gets better. I hate to see her or any of the people or animals in my family in any kind of pain or suffering from any illness. It is very depressing to see her or anyone suffer. Hopefully, this abscess will get better very, very soon.  I also hope that this tumor is not really serious, but I have a feeling it will be.  I can’t imagine her having cancer or how my dad or Gretchen would handle that.  It would devastate us all, but my dad and Gretchen would be especially upset.

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