Oh, Look, He Isn’t Evil

Lately, I have seen so many people in my area that hate Hispanics because they think that they are all here illegally, are all evil, are all some how deficient in some way, etc.  So, when I heard about a man from New Mexico who was extremely heroic, I thought that it was almost perfect to hear a positive story about a Latino.

Antonio Diaz Chacon has shown so many people who view Latinos aas evil that you can’t make sweeping generalizations. When Philip Garcia snatched a 6-year old girl in Albuquerque, Diaz Chacon gave chase. He jumped into his black pickup and chased after Garcia’s black pickup. Garcia crashed into a telephone pole and fled on foot. Diaz Chacon grabbed the little girl and took her home. Later, Garcia returned to his wrecked van, but was captured by the police.

Diaz Chacon’s actions make him a hero. The little girl who was saved was very, very lucky that this man was willing to go after Garcia, who had packing tape and a tie-down strap hidden under a rock near his van. In the van, he had tostadas (ones belonging to the little girl), a glove, a Leatherman tool, a black satchel, and another strap. There is no telling what horrors this little girl would have faced without the help of this heroic man. Normally, this kind of kidnapping would have some very depressing, tragic end and we wouldn’t get to see how someone who doesn’t even speak English showed that sparks of humanity don’t lie in a language or an ethnicity, but in the brave and amazing spirit that people like Diaz Chacon have. He saved this little girl because he thought of his own two young daughters and how he would want someone else to do the same for them if the situation was different.

In a society where so many people of Latino origin are forced into a stereotype of being vicious and sadistic, Diaz Chacon shows that you can’t judge an entire people by some racist misconception perpetrated by people who are set on remaining ignorant.  I wish that there were more positive stories in the news about Hispanic folks because it seems like all that I ever hear is the negative stuff, and I think that that fuels a lot of the ignorance that people seem desperate to hold onto.  Maybe more stories about folks like this wonderful, heroic dad might inspire people to turn away from the ignorance.

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