I’m sorry, but, you gotta be shittin’ me

This was the message I got from Wells Fargo the other day.  I was not amused.  Yeah, a $7 fee might not seem like a big deal.  Hell, a $5 fee might sound amazing.  But, like I’ve said on here many, many times, SSDI and SSI are not things that I get a lot of money from.  I get about $460 a month.  That’s $40 less than their waiver.  If I didn’t spend it for 4 months, then I would meet their balance waiver.  That isn’t possible, though. Why?

  1. As an individual (not a couple), my bank account is supposed to be under $2000 at all times or I lose my SSI.
  2. I have to contribute $200 a month for food.  Otherwise, we starve for 1 or 2 weeks a month.
  3. I also have other things I need to pay for, so it is pretty much damn near impossible to save $1500.
So, being the ornery and bitchy person that I am, I fired off a little email to the wonderful folks at Wells Fargo.  Their response was:

I received your email inquiring about changes to your account fees and balance requirements. I understand your concern.

Fees are regularly reviewed as a normal course of business. Our goal is to provide competitively priced financial products and services that are both helpful and affordable.

They suggested I look into something that is affordable. The only thing that is slightly affordable for me is something that I would need a $125 minimum balance to set it up. Then, I would have to meet some other requirements in order to meet the waiver. It might be possible, but who knows how long they might keep that plan?

I mean, I signed up for free checking and am now being told that I have to pay these fees.  I’ve already been pissed at Wells Fargo because of some of the things that have happened since I signed up with them, including when they did the garnishment against my parents’ account even though they can’t (legally) take Social Security payments.  I don’t think that they ever got the money back that was lost in the garnishment, including the fee for setting up a garnishment.  So, shady business practices is something that I should have expected, but I thought that maybe, just maybe things would get better.  It doesn’t.  So, I need a new bank.  Any suggestions would be great.

Ugh.  I hate banks and capitalism and financial crap.

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