Top 10 Things Texas Gov. Rick Perry Doesn’t Want You To Know About Him


(1) Perry allowed the execution of a likely innocent man, then impeded an investigation into the matter.

(2) Perry wants to repeal the 16th and 17th amendments, ending direct election of U.S. senators and the Federal income tax.

(3) Perry proposed letting states drop out of social security and medicaid.

(4) Texas is the country’s biggest polluter, but Perry sued the federal government for disapproving of the state’s air quality standards.

(5) Perry designated as “emergency legislation” a bill requiring all women seeking abortions to have sonograms first.

(6) Perry gutted childcare services, even as Texas childhood poverty hit 25%

(7) Perry was a strong supporter of Texas’s anti-sodomy laws.

(8) Perry is a stimulus hypocrite who loudly criticized federal recovery money, but used it to balance his state’s budget.

(9) Perry said that Texas might have to secede from the United States

(10) Despite having the worst uninsured rate in the country, Perry claims that Texas has “the best health care in the country.”

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