Bill haters rain on the internet :/ Sorry he isn’t as hot as Eric, that probably is the only reason people like Eric so much.

Before anyone reads this, I should warn that there are some spoilers for those who haven’t read the books.

First of all, I hated Bill before I ever even saw True Blood.  I read all of the books between the first and second seasons of the show.  I, then, watched the first season on DVD before watching the second season as it aired on HBO.  I read where he cheated on Sookie with Lorena.  I read where he was working for the queen and she didn’t find out until she was in New Orleans trying to sort out her cousin’s estate-related business after Hadley died the true death.  I saw him go from being this loving, caring guy (who I liked in the first book) to being a sadistic bastard.  By the time his character in the book finally seemed decent again, which was the most recent book, I felt guilty for even thinking that he might be decent in anyway because I knew that he’d used his niceness as ruse in the past.

Secondly, I liked Eric before I knew that Alexander Skarsgård was portraying him.  I liked in the first book how he (not Bill) saved Sookie’s life from Longshadow.  I liked in the second book how he (not Bill) was the one who helped Sookie clean up after nearly being raped and after being beaten up & then in a major car accident.  I also liked how in that book he (not Bill) was the one who went with Sookie to help take down the group that (in the book) had killed Lafayette and that, when Bill finally showed up, they worked together to keep her safe from the maenad.  I liked how in the third book it was him (not Bill) that saved Sookie’s life when it was nearly ended by a stake from a Fellowship of the Sun member.  I liked how in the fourth book, when Eric had amnesia, he was kind, caring, and showed Sookie that he was a real person, even if he was a vampire.  I liked in the fifth book how he helped save her life again and was there when she called, which is almost always true in the books.  I liked in the sixth book how he was the one who was concerned about Bill’s betrayal and how it affected Sookie.  I liked in the seventh book how he was the one who established a blood bond with Sookie to keep her from being used and mistreated by the queen and her entourage.  I liked how in the eighth book that the connection between Sookie and Eric deepened.  I liked in the ninth book that, even when Sookie felt betrayed by being married, she knew that he loved her and that in one of the final scenes of the book, the love between them is so strong that even Pam truly acknowledges it.  And all of that plus his sense of humor, his personality, and his genuine loyalty to anyone he cares about made me like him before I ever saw the show.  So, no, I’m not an Eric fan just because he’s portrayed in a television show by a hot guy.  I’m an Eric fan because Eric is, without a doubt, a fucking amazing character.

Finally, I’m happy that Alan Ball has finally taken to showing that Bill’s character is not as sweet and wonderful as people (who haven’t read the book) might have thought it was.  I wish he had done so sooner, and I wish that the show didn’t continue to hint at him being a good guy because Bill Compton is an ass.  He is a manipulative and sadistic jerk, and that makes him an intolerable character. 

^ That took me forever to write out, or it seemed like forever.

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