seriously what the fuck happened? i wish i lived in the olden days when wearing layers on top of layers & boys still calling girls beautiful, these days you practically have to dress naked to get boys attention and if they call you beautiful they only want something from you.


^^ i agree 100%

this is why i was born in the wrong era 



I always tell my mom I was born in the wrong era, and she thinks I’m joking but I’m actually dead serious.



I just really liked the fashion back then. It was conservative and classy, and I wish I could wear stuff like that without feeling completely out of place.

just this 

The clothing of the more recent girls (in this picture) is appalling, but I’m not a huge fan of the clothing (in this picture) from the past either.  I’m also not a huge fan of the idea of saying that the time period that the older clothing is somehow a better time period.  

The clothing from the WWII and 15 years after era are conservative for a reason.  People were more conservative and more oppressive.  

This was a time period that had a lot of really shitty stuff going on.  There was no birth control pill and no abortion rights for women who were, regularly, having children that they didn’t want (marital rape wasn’t a crime) and couldn’t care for.  In Europe, people were killed en masse for their religious and political views.  In Africa, though some European colonial powers were pulling out, they were leaving countries in worse shape than they had been in originally.  Apartheid started. In America, the Japanese were put in the American version of concentration camps, civil rights hadn’t been granted to people of non-white or non-male origin, those who fought or even believed in those rights were killed by hate groups, sharecroppers were in a 40-year syphilis study but were never told they had the disease (leading to women and children being infected; and so many unnecessary deaths), and people were accused of being communists and black-listed or forced to accuse others of it because some asshole in Congress decided that that kind of behavior was good for the country.  Health care sucked, with so many modern medicines not being invented yet, medicines that have since been determined to be poisonous/harmful were used regularly, and barbaric and unnecessary surgeries being performed on people (including lobotomies of people with varying mental illnesses). Homosexuality was considered to be a mental illness and was something that you could be blackmailed over.

So, all things considered, this era is much better to live in, even if there is crappy clothing.

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