Aah, someone teach me how to play. 🙁

Do you know how to read music?   If you do, then the keys that are being pressed are F, G, and B.  The one between G and B is A.  Next to B is C, then D & E.  The black keys are the sharp/flat notes, i.e. the one between F & G is F sharp (or F#).  The one between A and B is B♭.  

The B above middle C is the very middle line in the staff for the treble clef. Each note in the octave is easy to find if you know that. The space between the middle line and the next to the highest line is the place where C goes, which means the space between the middle line and the next to the lowest line is where A goes. All of the spaces on the treble clef are easy to figure out if you remember that they spell out FACE. The lines are easy to remember if you think of Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge or Every Good Boy Does Fine. The Bass clef, which is the bottom one, is GBDFA (for lines). In between these two clefs is basically an invisible line. This is where Middle C goes.

Middle C on a piano is easy to find. When you look at the piano, look for the brand of piano. Wherever the brand is listed, the Middle C is right near there. Very, very easy to find.

I hope this might help you with learning, but even if it doesn’t, then that’s cool.

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