Bringing Douchebaggery to Whole New Levels

Chris Gammill: do Gingers have souls
Me: Leave me alone.
Chris Gammill: ill pray for you
Me: Just one question. Why do you think it is okay to ask me if Gingers have souls? Do you realize the connotations that that kind of question has? I know you can blame it on South Park, but the reason they even did that episode is that redheads were executed by various civilizations purely for being different. Maybe you should look into that.
Chris Gammill: so were the blacks
Me: I know this. You wouldn’t ask a black person if they had a soul or not because you would realize how racist and xenophobic THAT would sound. Somehow, though, the ginger thing is acceptable.
Chris Gammill: its because gingers are white
Me: Doesn’t make the question any less wrong. Society doesn’t have to see it as a slur in order for it to be one. People thought it was okay to do lynch mobs against people of other races for years, but one day they realized it was wrong. It had always been wrong, though. Maybe one day people will realize it about redheads.
Me: Now, like I said before. Leave me alone. Go back to annoying whoever it is you were annoying before you told me to take the Midol and asked me if I had a soul.

Ah, yes; you’re bringing dumbfuckery and douchebaggery to whole new levels. Before anyone gets offended that I compared my being a ginger to being a member of a oppressed minority, I would encourage you (as I did Chris) to look up what has happened historically to redheads. Red hair, freckles, etc. have caused many people to be mistreated, oppressed, and even executed over the years. During the Inquisition/Burning Times/Witch Trials era, red hair and freckles was proof of being of demonic origin or being a witch. Red hair is now considered to be beautiful to look at, but it hasn’t always been seen that way.

BTW – This was a conversation some guy randomly started with me on Facebook. And, yes, he told me to take a Midol and made some other “enlightened” remarks. He contacted me, not the other way around.

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