I don’t care how you try to justify it with apologetics, but “pro-life feminism” doesn’t make any sense.


Pro-life is noble at heart, I’ll admit. But you simply cannot call yourself a feminist if you support any legislation that limits a pregnant person’s right to choose. Such laws have been proven again and again to only harm women. Pro-life fauxminists claim that abortion harms more women than it helps, but in actual fact, that harm really only occurs when abortion access is restricted. Laws restricting abortion access don’t reduce the number of abortions performed, they simply make those abortions deadly. Calling yourself a pro-life feminist is like calling yourself a doctor who supports unrestricted homeopathy, or a feminist who believes in traditional gender roles. They’re mutually exclusive things, and your second wave predecessors would be disappointed in you. The laws you support actually oppress women and anyone else with a uterus.

Yes, there are pro-lifers who are against anti-abortion laws. These are the people who say, “I would never get an abortion myself, and I think abortion is bad, but I would never make that choice for another person.” They are effectively pro-choice, unless your definition of a pro-choicer is one who must get an abortion at some point.

I’ve also heard “pro-life feminists” say that a pregnant person should have all the information possible, including the potential negative effects of an abortion, from the start. That’s perfectly fine. But what if, after hearing all that factual, unbiased information (much of which isn’t in the antis’ favor), the person still thinks abortion is right for them? Will you still support their choice then?

Ugh. Just, so much wrong with “pro-life” fauxminism. It doesn’t work. You’re either pro-life OR you’re a feminist. You can’t be both.


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