UK Riots News Round-Up:

Live Updates: Guardian, BBC, Sky News, Telegraph map of all disturbances in London and elsewhere.

Above: Cleanup volunteers at Clapham Junction raise their brooms in counter-protest.

Latest Events: Rioting in London spreads to Bromley, Camden, Merton, Wembley, Wimbledon, Beckton, Southwark, Barking, Dagenham, and Greenwich; incidents outside London reported in Leeds, Nottingham, Medway, Oxford and Reading; 2,000 youths reportedly rioting in Manchester; 111 officers injured; 563 arrested, 105 charged; 16,000 police officers deployed in London tonight, up from 6,000; Parliament recalled; UK PM David Cameron: “These are sickening scenes… This is criminality, pure and simple, and it has to be confronted and defeated”; video: London Mayor Boris Johnson castigated by residents for inactivity; ballistic test finds no evidence Mark Duggan fired at police before being shot; first fatality: 26-year-old shot in Croydon dies.

Fighting Back: As promised, the Met posts CCTV stills of rioters suspected of criminal activity; help identify the London rioters; Google Group using facial recognition tech to identify rioters; Riot Clean Up: How/where to help; cleanup efforts hampered by health and safety rules; residents of Peckham post positive messages on boarded up store struck by looters; below: cleanup volunteers cheer police in Clapham.


On The Electronic Front: Metropolitan Police on hunt for looters bragging on Twitter; teenager from Glasgow arrested for attempting to incite a riot via Facebook; hackers target BlackBerry blog after RIM promises to help authorities track down looters.

Blame Game: PC blames Grand Theft Auto for riots; Reuters: Youth unrest due to lack of opportunities to blame; below: West Indian-born intellectual and New Statesman columnist Darcus Howe calls riot “insurrection of the masses,” places blame on police profiling of black youths.


Misc: Photographer who snapped now-iconic “Leaping Woman” photo speaks; Massive music inventory at Sony distribution center feared lost after blaze; Do the riots in London prove The Dark Knight’s Joker right?; Hulk Hogan tells BBC Radio host answer to riots might be bodyslams; below: Steal these books. (via.)

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