my mum is depressed, and now my dad can’t cope, im losing my parents and their is nothing i can do about it.

To whoever this secret belonged to:

Having a depressed mom and a father in denial is very difficult.  Believe me, I know this from personal experience.  Please do not stress out about it.  There are things you can do.

First of all, as ridiculous as it may seem, try to talk to them both.  Listen to them.  They may feel that they have no one to express their pain to, and you can let them know that you are there for them.  This is important, and can sometimes help more than anyone would ever think it would.

Secondly, you need to realize that no matter what happens during this time of stress and depression that you are not to blame.  There will be times where you might feel that it is your fault, but it isn’t. You cannot force people to be happy or to accept certain things.  We only have control of our own psyches.

Third, please try to let your parents know that you are concerned about them.  Even if they won’t talk to you about their issues, letting them know that you are concerned might inspire them to get help from someone who can help them in some way, shape, or form.

I can’t guarantee that things will get better immediately, but they will get better sometime.  Just try to think positively.  That may seem ridiculous, but it is something that you need to try to do.  Thinking positively might help you a lot.

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