I just got a call from my aunt in London. My cousin, Marissa, age 8 has died. She died early this morning, after breaking away from her mother to run outside. Why? Because she was afraid her cat had gone out there and she wanted to protect him.



This could be true, but I don’t think that it is.  There has only been 1 confirmed fatality as a result of the riots.  That was a 26-year old man, not an 8-year old girl.  That’s according to various news agencies, including Reuters, BBC News, the International Business Times, Xinhua, Deutsche Welle, The Jerusalem Post, and the Australian Broadcast Company.

Also, it seems a little sketchy that this was a reblogged post that had no source.  Usually, you can find the source of posts fairly easily.  Not this one.

I know that people feel very stressed and alarmed by the riots, but sometimes you need to be very careful about what you reblog in this kind of situation.  Posting about the death of a child, when it might not have even occurred, is going to make people more anxious, more stressed, and could (potentially) lead to more violence.  The riots are being fueled by a mob mentality, but there could just as easily be a mob mentality from vigilantes who might want to take down anyone who could kill a little kid. 

Please, be responsible about what you reblog.

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