Alexander not winning a Teen Choice Award- I think he is okay with this.


I’m seeing a lot of talk on how Alexander Skarsgard did not win Choice Vampire and Rob Pattinson won instead.

Look, yes, Alex should have won, he should win EVERYTHING hands down. But isn’t the Teen Choice Awards, watched & voted for mainly by teens?

I was talking to my fifteen year old niece last night about it. She knows who Alexander Skarsgard is (thanks to her favourite aunty) she agrees that he is gorgeous (maybe just to keep me happy) but she doesn’t watch True Blood, she might in a few years….? She’s in the Twilight phase, Teen Wolf, etc.

I just don’t get why people are going on and on about how Alexander was robbed (get it, Robbed, hehe). If it were the MTV Awards or something along the lines of that, I’d sorta get it. I think it’s kinda strange he was nominated in the first place for a Teen Choice Award.

I’m sure Alex will win a lot of other things soon enough…

Anyways, just thought I’d add my two cents.


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