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It is important to understand that if she is psychotic, this is not willful behavior on her part. Just as it is impossible to intentionally develop symptoms of cancer, it is equally impossible to intentionally develop symptoms of psychosis. No one chooses to become psychotic. Kristina Randle, Ph.D., L.C.S.W., in response to a woman who said the following about the mother of her son’s only friend: She says a man follows her, spies on her-this goes from sending her emails, to following her to her hair salon, drilling holes in her backyard concrete wall and watching her, she says ‘this man’ communicates thru her NON verbal autistic 16 year old as well. I think that is sick. To use this non verbal child and put him in this situation. I get that she’s frustrated by the woman, but this kind of statement really reeks of ignorance.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjsBjmRK5PU?wmode=transparent&autohide=1&egm=0&hd=1&iv_load_policy=3&modestbranding=1&rel=0&showinfo=0&showsearch=0&w=500&h=375] enbontemps: Janina Gavankar, It Gets Better PSA (Source: http://www.youtube.com/)

aplacecalled-wonderland: natashanicole88: THANK YOU to whoever took the time to make this and clarify what I’ve been trying to say all this time. There was NEVER any kind of verbal dispute between GaGa and Adele. These two woman have far too much class. i love you whoever made this, I really do!

thisissarcasm: a-liquor-store: dove-strodor: spacehelicopter: browstrinder: plutocake: comrade-ringo: s0ldiers: s4mantha: “hi, i’m samantha and i actively work to make people dislike me so i don’t feel bad when they do.” “Hi, I’m Sam and I judge books by their cover. By books, I mean everything.” “Hi, I’m Ringo, and I thrive off of manipulating people.” “Hi I’m Pluto and I’m going to annoy the piss out of you because I think you’re ignoring me.” “Hi, I’m Shon, and I subconsciously try to sabotage every good thing in my life because deep down I think I don’t deserve it.” “hi, i’m Lexi and i will push you away when you try to get close to me.” “Hi, I’m Madison, and I lack empathy to an alarming extent.” “Hi, I’m Victoria and I can fake niceness like the best of them but ultimately I hate almost every single human being.” Hi, I’m Heather, and I have both an explosive temper. “Hi, I’m Janet, and I won’t remember any happy moments that we have together because I only remember the more miserable parts of my life. And by remembering the miserable parts, I mean that I will remember every single thing that you ever did that pissed me off in any way, even if you have no recollection of it.”

What if, when we introduced ourselves we’d have to say ...