What does virginity mean to a queer person, who may never have vaginal intercourse in her/his/hir life? What of a lesbian who chooses to never engage in any sort of penetrative sex act her entire life, does she remain some sort of super, extra virgin? If a straight man receives a blowjob, he will in all likelihood still consider himself a virgin, but a gay man receiving a blowjob may have a more complicated understanding of what it means for his sex life. In many ways, our conception of “virginity” erases or invalidates queer sex.

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auto-reblog anything on how virginity is total bullshit.

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When discussion like this happen, people always forget about those of us who have been sexually abused or raped. The idea of virginity is hurtful for people who do not participate in hetero sex, but it’s incredibly damaging when you’ve had that social construct taken away against your will.

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As one who both identifies as queer and had it taken away by force, can I just say: ALL OF THIS. ALL OF IT. 

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It’s an outdated social construct just like binary gender, heterosexual privilege, sanctity of marriage, most things about marriage actually, and religion.

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Not only all that, but virginity is downright oppressive to cisgendered women who want to have sex. That’s what it was designed to be. It’s overall a very stupid and oppressive concept.

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