the many excuses of tumblr users.




  • I’m socially awkward – spending the night raiding your favorite RP instead of going to your graduation party might be a reason. 
  • I’m ugly – probably, but there’s nothing a gallon of beer and some make up can’t fix.
  • I’m insecure – then stop being proud of that and do something about it.
  • I have no friends – you might want to communicate with people around you. That’s how you make friends these days. Facebook could help.
  • I hate Facebook – yeah okay. Cause there’s absolutely no judgment elsewhere.

Can you shut the fuck up? Like, I love you but this is bullshit and you have no right to judge anyone else’s reasons for being on tumblr or why they are on here so often. I suffer from severe depression and tumblr is my escape. This makes me so fucking angry because who died and made you king of tumblr as well as other people’s lives? 

I’m just going to throw in that, I love you both. But like Dee said, there’s several reasons that people have – excuses or not, as to why they are on Tumblr. You’re bound to think differently than other people, and honestly what you feel is different from what everyone else feels. I’m not asking you to feel different or not push an opinion like that, but honestly I’m a bit disappointed that you would even post this in such a manner.

Everyone reacts differently to things. We all have different ways about going about with our lives, and okay: this is your opinion. You can’t help feeling insecure, or feeling like you get along with people better on the online world. You can pretend it isn’t there and suck it up, and you can ‘drink gallons of beer’ and put on heaps of makeup but that doesn’t change the way some people feel.

*you as in people who are suffering with insecurities and using Tumblr as an escape

Feeling so insecure that you don’t want to interact with people off the internet is generally an indicator of mental health issues.  If someone is so socially awkward that they can’t go to their graduation problem, then there might be some bigger issue going besides simply being an awkward person.  If someone feels ugly, it might be due to some kind of abuse or torment that they suffered or it might be because just have a poor body image. 

On the internet, people feel safe and they share a part of themselves that they might not share with someone face-to-face.  That being said, people might also be hesitant to give a group of strangers full details about the whats and whys having to do with their insecurities.  We don’t get the whole story, which makes it kind of hard to determine just how shallow folks are being when they say that they are ugly, awkward, etc.

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