So, I was checking my stats this morning on Like So Totally Me.  I saw that someone had come to the site from Bloody Caps, so I got a little worried.  (You know me and paranoia are like THISCLOSE.)  And when I got to the site, I saw that Aimee had given this answer to someone’s questions about screen captures.  It was almost a squee-worthy moment.

I’m sorry that the site is slow sometimes.  Lately, there have been some issues with the host.  That seems to happen from time to time.  I could up the resources, so it would be faster, but I have to pay for every MB of RAM that my VPS uses.  I may up it a little, though, and see if that helps.

Anyway, I thought I would post this random squee-ing moment, plus suggest that everyone check out Aimee’s tumblr (personal or otherwise).  If you don’t like Twilight, which I know is unpopular amongst the masses on this site, then she also has a tumblr for Harry Potter edited caps and one for graphics related posts in general.

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