I remember when I was a kid, I went on the computer just to use Paint.



..and this


aw shit i wanna play windows pinball

Depending on what stage of my childhood, I would spend hours on:

See the left part?  That would lead to the word processor on DeskMate, which I used from about 1987-1988 until we got a Sensation in the 1990’s, where I learned to use Microsoft Works.

In the years we had this OS, instead of using Paint, I would use DRAW, which is on the 2nd row there.  (BTW – DeskMate had the ability to let you change colors around, which even as a little kid, I would do.)

I would also press the F3 button and go to other programs.  Or I would use a booting disk so that I could get on DOS and get to Carmen Sandiego or Writer (or maybe it was Reader) Rabbit to play or learn.  I would also use this home design program because, at one point, I was obsessive about that.

Oooh, and I would play Frogger and Pac-Man.

When we got the Sensation, I started playing Minesweep regularly. (I’d max out the tiles, but only have 10 mines, which didn’t completely guarantee a win every single time.)  I also was absolutely obsessed with Commander Keen.  It even came with its own version on Pong.

I also played solitaire on the computer, which I blame on my first therapist.  She played solitaire during every session I had, but the version she played was not on the computer.  I found it on the computer one day and started playing it regularly. 

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