My response:

Tiffiny, you do realize that the impact of a presidency can be felt for many years after someone leaves office. Some problems will intensify the longer a president is out of office. Our society is impacted by decisions made 50 or even 100 years ago. Assuming that after 2 years, which is not a long time when you think about the country’s age, we’re just supposed to start blaming every single issue on Obama is really not fair. I have no issue with blaming him for things that he has actually done, but most of the things that I have seen him get blamed for are things that he had nothing to do with. As for the “good things” that you think Bush did, please tell us what those are because I for one would really like to know what good he accomplished. If I have misjudged him, please show me how.

Christy, couldn’t you have done without the “blatant retard” comment?

Brooke, I’m assuming that the know-it-all thing refers to me. I could be wrong, but in case I’m not. I am not expressing my thoughts to be liked or to prove my intelligence. If I’m annoying you, then fine. I don’t have to be liked by some random stranger that I will probably never meet in my real life. Actually, I don’t even have to be liked by people that I do know. I am more concerned with truth than popularity. Obviously, if I wanted to be liked, I would be a conservative and I would voice that I think that Obama is Hitler or that Nancy Pelosi belongs in a kitchen or some other wonderful thing that I have seen people say on discussions. Clearly, being the most popular girl on WHNT’s Facebook page just isn’t a big life goal for me. I respect your second point to a certain extent, but I think that we can’t expect people to do things for the greater good. On your third point, you completely lost me. I’m a Christian, but when people start in on the modern-day Babylon kind of talk, I tend to zone out. Personally, I think God wants people to be happy. I think he wants us to do things that help others and don’t hurt them. In my opinion, the majority of the policies advocated by conservatives hurt a greater portion of society than they actually help.

Apparently, folks are still talking about that stupid billboard. Of course, I felt compelled to respond. I can’t believe the suggestion that I might keep my mouth shut so people would like me. Pssh. Clearly, she doesn’t know me. When have I ever stood by and let people say whatever they want, no matter how ignorant it was.

Actually, I’ve done that before, but only when it was clear that if I expressed my opinion that I would basically end up stranded by the side of the road. Twice, I’ve been in a car with friends about 60-90 miles from home when they started in on the anti-Obama [during his first campaign], anti-choice, anti-evolution rants. Once, I was at a pizza place in Arab (I have family there, so being abandoned didn’t actually worry me) when friends started bashing the DNC, which I quickly pointed out that I was Democrat, at which point political discussions ceased. This was also a day where they were talking about how unnatural homosexual behaviors were. I pointed out that my family had a male guinea pig that had a clear affinity for other male guinea pigs. I also pointed out that we had a female guinea pig that seemed to have an affinity for both male and female guinea pigs, and I wasn’t sure if it was a power play or if she was bisexual. They told me that we shouldn’t think or talk about that kind of thing. Many times when I would be with friends, though, I would express an opinion that wasn’t popular and wasn’t well-received. It wasn’t because I was trying to make friends or even make enemies. I felt that if my friends feel like they can safely discuss politics in front of me, then they should be able to handle my opinion, even if it is different.  By voicing my opinion in those situations, I would actually be finding out if people who had acted like they were my friends could really handle my difference of opinion.  In every non-church case, the friends could eventually handle.  Church friends haven’t been so receptive.

But, as I said in response to Brooke, being the most popular person on Facebook (or anywhere) is not a life goal for me.  I would rather be honest and hated than fake and liked.  Sure, there are some moments when I am extraordinarily self-conscious and need people to like me, but those moments are not something that I feel should define my sense of self.

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