Okay I really feel the need to talk about this. I don’t care that Miley did something she said she wouldn’t. I used to say I’d wait until marriage to have sex, that I’d never underage drink, never swear. We all say things that we mean at the time, but then we grow up and we change our minds. That’s fine. I defended Miley when she smoked “Salvia”, when she posed nude, when she danced half naked on stage with Justin, performed on an ice cream truck with a pole, etc. I will defend pretty much all of her actions. I have been a fan of hers since before they started airing Hannah Montana back in 2006. I have grown up with her, and I completely understand that she is human, she makes mistakes, she’s not perfect. Before this, there was not one thing that bothered me about Miley, seriously.

That being said, I honestly have lost some of the respect I had for Miley. I know she’s young, and she makes mistakes, but smoking cigarettes is a no brainer for me. There is no grey area. There’s no reason why anyone needs to do it. It’s clear to me that Miley understands the risks, and what she is doing to her body, especially when she’s trying to make a living as a singer/actress. 

I am clearly biased, due to my love for Miley, high standards I had for her in my mind, and the fact that I don’t smoke myself, but this really upsets me. I have friends that smoke, and I don’t care at all, but it’s just the fact that it’s Miley that bothers me. I don’t support her or love her any less, but I really do hope she comes to her senses. 

Unfortunately, I have seen this happen with people I know in real life.  My dad’s first cousin used to join my father in the mocking and scorn that they would give to their dads because their dads smoked.  They would tell them that they were only killing themselves by smoking.  And both my dad and his cousin watched their fathers die from smoking.

My dad doesn’t smoke.  As far as I know, he never has.  My dad’s first cousin does, or was still a smoker the last time I saw her.  She has for a very long time.  And I know that she is a smart enough person to know better, but that didn’t stop her.  So on this one thing, I have some respect issues towards her.  She is an awesome person, but I don’t get why she would smoke.

So, I understand why you would lose some respect for her over this.  Nowadays, people have no reason to light up.  They can’t say that they don’t know the risks.  They can’t claim that the risks are made up or are overblown.  There is so much evidence out there about the dangers of smoking.  It makes no sense for any young person to smoke.  

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