Don’t you wish your state was racist like mine?  I don’t either.

My response:

Nathan: If you don’t know what real socialism or communism is, then why even use the words. The word you are looking for is fascism. The Eastern Bloc was essentially made up of fascist states. These are governments and economies that strip away the rights of individuals and ruin countries. If you don’t realize that, then I’m glad you aren’t a school teacher.

Benjamin: Oh, come on. Bush managed to kill our economy. The recession STARTED with Bush in office. Do you not remember that? Were you asleep those years? That would be when the stock market started falling and the jobs started magically disappearing. Surely you must have been alarmed when THAT was going on. Yes, Bush had to deal with 9/11. That excuses the debt incurred on the Afghan war, but not the one in Iraq, which most educated people will agree was a pointless war.

The troops are coming home. It doesn’t happen overnight, and no reasonable person should expect it to. When you inflame sentiments in another part of the world, sometimes it takes a little longer to get the troops home than it took to get them over there. 

Oh, wow. Obamacare. You really go with the party line, don’t you? The health care reform isn’t exactly something that I love. I wanted national health insurance. I think that the insurance industry has managed its own version of a corporate genocide by only insuring the healthy, strong people.

If you recall, the oil drilling that he stopped was in the gulf. It was because of a massive error caused by oil companies. If you’re referring to the refusal to drill in the Alaskan forests, then maybe you should know that drilling there would be extremely damaging to the environment. Honestly, getting better energy sources, that don’t rely on fossil fuels, would be a better idea, but that actually requires companies to sit down and actually try to work out new methods of doing things. 

You’re referring to the coal used on the grid, right? Well, why don’t you complain about companies that want to continue using coal. In a majority of cases, though, the carbon emissions drop if a person uses a plug-in hybrid, even if they are living a place that relies heavily on oil. That is an improvement, right? Sure, it isn’t perfect, but it is better than what we’ve already had.

And calling him a modern-day Hitler? Isn’t that jumping the gun a little bit? I’m fairly certain that 2 years after Hitler gained power that there were already concentration camps, the Gestapo, a suspension of civil liberties, trade unions had been banned, legislative powers belonged solely to Hitler himself, the Nazi party was the only party around, several political enemies were murdered, etc. What from those things has Obama done to become a modern-day Hitler? 

And judging him on his name? Really? Isn’t that, I don’t know, racist? Do you know what Hussein means? It means “good”, “handsome”, and “beautiful”. He was named after his father, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. His father, in turn, got the name Hussein from his father, Hussein Onyango Obama. Hussein Onyango Obama was in jail because he was involved in the Kenyan independence movement and was tortured so much that he had permanent physical disabilities. Obama’s grandfather was a Muslim, but he didn’t pass that religion onto his children. Obama’s father was Muslim at one point, but by the time he was an adult, he was an atheist. Now, even if he were a Muslim, that wouldn’t make him a terrorist. 

There are over a billion Muslims in this world. How many of them are terrorists? At least 90% of Muslims in predominantly Muslim countrys condemn the act of killing non-combantants. Do you know why? Because it violates their religious beliefs and is not a humane thing to do. In Iraq, they felt it was unacceptable for al-Qaeda to come in and make attacks on civilians. It was one of the few things that Sunnis and Shi’a could agree on. Terrorists who were tied to Islamic organizations were in the minority about 10 years ago. Even now, more terror arrests are made for white supremacists, neo-Nazis, anti-choice extremists, anti-government extremists, and the Earth Liberation Front than for Muslims. 

Jeff: If I am so egregiously wrong on so many points, then why don’t you correct me? I mean, since you know so much about the topics. Why not share that wisdom with me? I don’t watch MSNBC. I haven’t watched it in a long time. I will say one thing, I find it completely ignorant to tell a person that you think another country will welcome them with open arms. That’s basically like saying, “If you don’t agree with me, then I want you to leave my country.” Guess what? YOU don’t have that power. I have just as much right to be here and share my opinion as you have to be here and share yours.

So…yeah, that’s my area of the world.  And yes, that is a real billboard in this area.  And yes, many people do support it and think it’s all legit and shit.

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