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What?!? Theirself isn’t a word!?! *cries uncontrollably* (Just wanted to be dramatic. I don’t know why people can’t use proper english…)

I don’t know why people have to turn themselves into stereotypes. I know that schools in the northern part of town are not believed to be as good as the ones in the southern part of Huntsville, but that’s not completely true. I had to go to summer school once for English because I’d missed one semester of it. The teacher during the session was from Johnson, which is believed by many in town to be the worst high school, and she did a damn good job. She taught Shakespeare and could hold her own with many of the English teachers that I had seen in South Huntsville. She taught poetry composition, as well. So, clearly, there is someone who is up there that can get the kids to speak a bit more appropriately.

I know that some of the blame might lie on the parents or even the peers, because those are great influences on someone’s linguistic ability, but it doesn’t seem like that should be the only determinant.  I mean, I grew up in the same family with people who have very thick Southern Appalachian accents.  I also had friends who had this same type of accent.  Some of these people don’t speak proper English, but you know what?  I worked at learning it and speaking it properly.  Hell, I was the annoying know-it-all that would correct her friends on their grammar in elementary school. 

I wish that these girls, and anyone else who speaks this way, would realize that the world is hard enough on people without having people think that you’re too stupid or too lazy to learn proper English.  If they have a learning disability or something, then it might be really hard to learn and, for some, maybe even impossible.  That doesn’t mean that they have to give up.  Education isn’t something that just happens.  People actually have to work to make it happen.

Now, I have made a longer rant out of that rant. 

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